Foundry Cores

Cores: The Heart of Humtown

Humtown establishes and maintains lasting relationships with every customer - both large and small. Attention to their needs and a proactive attitude have helped build a strong bond of confidence in Humtown's management, service and products.

Foundries find profit with us

This is more than just a slogan. Foundries actually realize a better bottom line by relying on Humtown for some or all of their core making. Using Humtown as a source frees up personnel and facilities otherwise occupied by core making for more productive, more profitable use. And Humtown delivers only usable, high-quality cores, thereby eliminating waste and reducing costs.

Foundary CoresThe people, the technology, the capacity to supply your core needs.

Turning out hundreds of different core configurations over the last 20 years has given the experts at Humtown the experience necessary to produce the single core design that meets your needs precisely. By working closely with the customer and remaining attuned to variations that affect production, Humtown literally becomes an extension of the customer's operation.

Humtown produces extremely high quality cores in a wide variety of sizes, weights and configurations - from the simplest design to the most complex. Fitness for purpose is guaranteed through proper composition and handling. A quality control program customized to each customer's specifications helps ensure consistency from first core to last in every shipment.

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