Case Studies

Case Studies


Core Conversion—from Conventional to 3D Printed!

Problem: A Humtown customer had CNC-cut tooling produced several years ago. Due to the very small 1/8” diameter of the core, the tooling had worn out. To get the core box to fill, Humtown had to increase the blow pressure of the machine; and this wears out tooling faster than usual. Once a core box starts to wear out, either clay or gasket material is used to keep pressure in the cavity. The down side: loose sand tends to stick in the material, further damaging the tool.

Solution: Humtown proposed creating a 3D CAD model of the core in order to 3D print the cores in a box that could be shipped to the foundry. To date, we’ve produced over 10,000 cores using this 3D Solution and the customer has actually had improved casting yield, lower scrap in shipping, and found an added bonus in that the 3D printed cores clean out better from the casting!

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Core Consolidation, Assembly Free!

Problem: A Humtown client had a project that required eight cores to be assembled. Assembly would require jigs, fixtures and an added person to glue the components together. The glue and fit of the cores are also an added area of concern in any casting process for variablity and scrap. When assembly is required on a project, additional scrap must be figured into the job to cover human error.

Solution: Humtown proposed creating 3D printed cores to eliminate the assembly. The total cost would be less per core even when compared to conventional core make and assembly. This would also completely eliminate the initial capital expenditure on CNC-cut core boxes to create the eight individual cores, jigs, and fixtures required to assemble in production.

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