Case Study: Creating A Replica of Pio Fedi's Liberty of Poetry Statue

How It Was Done:

Kent State provided 3D scanning data taken from the original statue to begin the design process. 

From there, Freshmade3D divided the data into multiple sections and designed the supporting structures. 

Freshmade designed the program to 3D print the replica in three sections in order to enable easier transport to New York and to allow the statue to fit in Ellis Island’s small elevators and narrow corridors.

Once Humtown received the design files, our team 3Dprinted the part files using our ExOne S-MAX sand machines. 

3D Printing with sand allows for finite design intricacies. Using silica sand, the finished cores and molds are exceptionally strong and the quality of the build enables little to no post-processing.
After Freshmade 3D received the sand molds produced at Humtown, they were able to use their proprietary AMClad® process to functionalize the parts so they could be assembled. 

The final step of the process had the artists from KSU applying a painted faux finish resembling the original marble. 

The Results: