Foundry Cores

The foundry cores by Humtown Products are the exact cores you need. We have been manufacturing cores for over 50 years. Whether you need a core or mold, we can help. Contact us for information on the cores and molds by Humtown Products. We’re the leaders in foundry cores. Contact us today!

Conventional & 3D Printed Foundry Cores

No matter what’s needed from the core, Humtown can help. The processes used for making and curing cores are state-of-the-art, making our cores perfect for casting at the foundry.

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The surface of the core offered from our 3D sand core printing facility are impeccable. Perfect cores will result in lower costs and more revenue for the foundry. With our expertise, the quality cores you get from Humtown are among the best in the industry.

As a pioneer in additive manufacturing, the mechanical properties of our 3D foundry sand cores allow for more design freedom and highly accurate foundry cores during the core making process.

What Are The Benefits Of Foundry Cores From Humtown?

Extreme care being applied to the core means items like intricate cores and any production quantity can be requested. Any sand, additive, or wash can be formed into a new core as well.

Rely on on-time delivery to the foundry of your cores! Plus, when 3D printing, the shipment to the foundry of your core or mold will be almost immediately ready.

The benefit to your foundry by choosing Humtown Products for your foundry cores will be felt immediately. The strength of our cores is industry-leading, and the cores we manufacture will be sent to the foundry in a timely manner.

What Are The Features Of Humtown Products’ Foundry Cores?

The features presented by our cores prepared for the foundry industry from Humtown are unmatched:

  • 3D printing allows many parts in the sand core to become one to eliminate variables
  • Manufacturing methods can vary based on need from core to core
  • 3D forming a foundry core means no tooling needed
  • Full core assemblies ready to be used in the foundry
  • Cold box or air set foundry cores

And that’s just some of what Humtown does when manufacturing products for foundries in the foundry industry!

How Can I Get Foundry Cores For My Design?

When you’re ready to have a core produced, contact Humtown Products for your foundry core needs.

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