Conventional Sand Cores & Molds


Conventional Sand Cores and Molds

With over 50 years of experience in the foundry industry, Humtown Products is equipped in the manufacturing, packaging and delivery of sand cores and molds.

  • We understand just how many different types and sizes of sand cores and molds are used in today’s marketplace
  • We manufacture sand cores and molds utilizing the latest industry technology
  • Our team has the knowledge and experience to produce any custom sand core and mold order or help you through any production setback.

We have the capability of producing extremely high quality sand cores and molds in a wide variety of sizes, weights and configurations – from the simplest to the most complex designs.


  • Cold Box
  • Air Set
  • Core assemblies
  • Emergency resourcing
  • Intricate sand cores
  • Low production to high production quantities
  • Any sand, additive or wash requested


  • Two production areas
  • A firewall separates the production areas to ensure production continues in case of a fire
  • Multiple backup machines
  • In-house tooling repairs, modifications and rigging
  • Extra warehouse space to stock our customers’ sand cores and molds onsite
  • On-time delivery
  • Consultations to foundries needing to troubleshoot sand core and mold production
  • Made in the USA

Humtown’s expert sand core and mold making, customized packaging and on-time delivery ensures that you’ll receive the sand cores and molds you need on time, every time.

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