Equipment, Sands & Coatings


Production Equipment
EquipmentCapabilitiesL” x W” – Orientation
B&P CB-50600 lb. Cores35″ x 49″ Horizontally-parted tooling
B&P CB-18200 lb. Cores26″ x 30″ Table; Horizontal – Blow
B&P CB-184200 lb. Cores28″ x 28″ Horizontal
George Fischer 3050120 lb. Cores33.25″ x 49.75″ Horizontal
Shalco 321450 lb. Cores29″ x 29″ Vertical Tooling
Redford Vertical 22100 lb. Cores20″ x 21″ Platens
Redford Horizontal 22120 lb. Cores19.5″ x 19.5″ Platens
Redford Convertible 2280 lb. CoresVertical or Horizontal Blow
Redford Vertical 1635 lb. Cores16″ x 20″ Platens
Gaylord50 lb. CoresVertical or Horizontal Split
Hand BenchUp to 10 lbs. blow, 30lbs. hand-ramSmaller Dump boxes
Air Set Lineup to 2,000lbsCores and Molds
Available Sands
GritType of Sand
55 AFSLake Sand
55 AFSRound Grain Silica
70 AFSRound Grain Silica
70 AFSOlivine Sand
Florida Zircon
On requestOthers Available
Resin Binder: Lower in VOC’s and odor
Cold Box – HA International – Biocure Phenolic Urethane Biodiesel Base
Airset – HA International – Techniset Phenolic – Urethane Biodiesel Base
Available Coatings
Core Coating
Graphite Wash
Zircon Wash
Others water-based washes on request
Coating are water-based washes supplied by Refcotec, HA International, ASK
Powder Additives
Vein Seal 3% (Standard) 10% (Max)
Sphere-Ox No Coat
Sphere-Ox (Black Iron Oxide) @ various levels (Standard 2%)