Humtown Videos

Serving the Foundry Industry for Over 50 Years

Virtual Tour of Humtown Additive for Young Adults

WFMJ Tech Belt Today – Updates with Humtown 7/14/2021

Liberty of Poetry Replica Created with AMClad® and Humtown’s 3D Printing

America Makes Viewpoint

nTopology Case Study with Humtown Additive

Q & A with Brandon Lamoncha and CR Peterson

Humtown’s 3D Printed Snap Top Lid for Printed Buildbox

Crestview School’s 4th & 5th Grade MFG Day Project 2020

2020 NAM Award-Unleashing Human Potential

NAM Award-Commercialization of 3D Printing in the Metal Casting Industry

Jeff Hughes talks about Humtown’s Pink Forklift

WFMJ Tech Belt Today Interview on NAM Awards 8/26/2020

WFMJ Tech Belt Today Interview on 3D Printing 1/8/2020

Manufacturing Day 2020 with Crestview Middle School Students and Freshmade 3D

Humtown Products-A Regional Success Story

Benefits of 3D Printed Sand Molds & Cores

Humtown partners with Crestview Elementary School and Silver Apple

American Foundry Society’s CastExpo’19

The Business Journal’s ‘3 Minutes With Mark Lamoncha’ Interview

Making the Donald Trump Bobble Head (Timelapse)

America Makes Game Day

Creation of a Cylinder Head

Conventional and 3D Printing Facilities

From Sport Athlete to Industrial Athlete

Humtown Products Work Culture

Humtown Products Core Manufacturing Shop

ExOne S-Max 3D Sand Printer Unveiled at Humtown Products

Additive Manufacturing: Humtown Products with America Makes

Humtown Products President Mark Lamoncha Explains 3D Printing

Mark and Brandon Lamoncha                3D Printing and Humtown Products

Humtown President Discusses Subtractive vs. Additive Manufacturing